Ella Scott Crowned Homecoming Queen


Kaylie Klein, Writer

With flowers clutched in their hands, all of the Fall Homecoming candidates held their breath in anticipation for who would be crowned Homecoming Queen. 

On September 18, 2020, Senior Ella Scott was chosen as the Fall Homecoming Queen. “My initial reaction when my name was called was honestly very surprised! I wasn’t really sure what to expect, I had no clue how the voting would turn out,” said Scott. 

The Homecoming candidates are nominated by the senior football players, and the four senior girls with the most nominations are chosen for the court. From there, the rest of the school makes the decision by voting. Although Scott has many classes off campus, the student body recognized her by choosing her as Queen.

“I’m not really on campus (very much), so I don’t get to talk to that many people. But I am involved in quite a few clubs. I am in NHS FBLA and I will be involved in DECA,” said Scott.

Although the Homecoming dance was canceled due to COVID-19, the court still enjoyed their night. “The dance being canceled didn’t take away any special feeling of being the Homecoming queen.  It felt just as fun as I think it would have been with the dance. I just cherished the night as it was!” said Scott.

The court’s energy towards each other was very positive.  Each girl could be seen with a smile the entire time. “Everybody was so sweet to each other, congratulating the girls on the court with me was fun! All of us were wishing each other luck before we were introduced on the football field,” said Scott. 

Homecoming queen means different things to different people, but for Scott, it meant creating memories that will last a lifetime. “I think being Homecoming queen was a really fun experience.  I especially liked that my friends were on the court with me. I think it’s a pretty cool title and an achievement that you can take with you and remember that fun night after high school.” 

Homecoming is one of those memories that stick with you after high school.  It’s always shown in movies and tv shows, and it’s pretty impossible to forget. Especially for those on the court, the memory never leaves.