Kinsey McAllister Succeeds with Photography Business


Emma Burton, Writer

Imagine trying to juggle school, a varsity volleyball schedule, and time with family and friends while also managing a photography business of your own. It may seem overwhelming, but Senior Kinsey McAllister makes it look easy.

“Most of the time, with photography, you get to plan when you do a shoot,” McAllister said. “So it’s pretty easy to schedule around your activities.”

McAllister’s side hustle, Kinsey Brook Photography, is definitely a crowd-pleaser. “My experience is always so fun when shooting with her, she makes me feel the best about myself,” said Senior Savannah Eisman, one of Kinsey’s clients. “Her photos are amazing, and she is also really good at editing them for you.”

Usually, starting a business presents its own unique set of challenges, such as getting clients, setting a good price, or even as simple as finding good places to shoot. However, McAllister has gotten the best of it so far. “I haven’t really experienced any obstacles yet,” she said. “Before I even started hosting sessions, I had always loved taking pictures with my friends. After I got a camera for Christmas, I started learning how to edit. At some point, other people started asking me to do their pictures and I began charging.” 

McAllister is working on getting her name known throughout Instagram. She says it is extremely helpful when her clients share her pictures and tag @kinseybrookphotography on their personal posts and stories.

Even though Kinsey has a general plan for the future, she is unsure of where she wants to attend college. “Photography is something that I want to pursue. Right now it’s just a side hobby, but I want to eventually turn it into something I do full time.”

If you are looking to book a session with this lovely photographer, you can message her through Instagram @kinseybrookphotography.