Dr. Jeremy Alsup Earns Advanced Degree


Photo by Katie Wells

Dr. Alsup leads a discussion in his Literature of the Bible class.

Katie Wells, Writer

The Ozark School District is a competitive area where students and faculty strive to go above and beyond. Dr. Jeremy Alsup displays these attributes well.

Dr. Alsup is a dedicated teacher who recently worked to receive his doctorate. “To be a good educator that provides the best learning opportunities for students, it is in my opinion vital that you should be properly trained. This was what inspired me to pursue a new level of education,” said Alsup.

Working to gain your doctorate is a process that takes normally three to five years that works to make the student an export in a specific area. Alsup’s area of expertise was data. “This path was filled with some of the most interesting work that I’ve ever done on how to think about data and information,” he said.

If you’ve had Alsup as a teacher you would know that not only does he dedicate time to teaching at the Ozark School district, but he also works in the private sector. “By gaining my doctoral degree I gained the necessary credentials and expertise to speak as an authority. Not only that but it has given me more opportunities to work with organizations and help them to grow,” said Alsup.

But this achievement isn’t something that just adults can gain, but it can be easily accessible by the students who work hard. “My advice to the students who might be interested in pursuing this level of education would be to be strategic and tenacious. It will be difficult at times but persevere.”

Alsup worked diligently to receive his doctorate. And even though it took years to obtain this, in the end, he recognized that it was worth the wait.