Dr. Erin McAninch Hired as New Assistant Principal

Dr. McAninch is excited for her future in administration at Ozark High School.

Photo use with permission by Ozark High School

Dr. McAninch is excited for her future in administration at Ozark High School.

Savannah Goodwin, Writer

This school year brought a new assistant principal, Dr. Erin McAninch, who is already very familiar to Ozark schools and loved by many. Dr. McAninch has been teaching for eighteen years, all of which have been mathematics classes  at Ozark High School.

When the Ozark Board of Education voted to hire Dr. McAninch as assistant principal, she knew that it would be an exciting opportunity to take advantage of and fulfill her newfound passion for serving in administration. “I felt the calling to take on a role like this when I first started working on my doctorate in 2015.” 

Dr. McAninch completed her Doctor of Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction degree with Evangel University in 2018, and now gets to put that accomplishment into action.  “Originally I started my doctorate so I could become a stronger teacher, but the more classes I took, the more interested I became in serving in administrative positions,” said McAninch.

Along with this leadership role, though, also comes new challenges and hardships unique to the occupation. “I am still learning how to handle different situations. It can be challenging and overwhelming at times, but I seek help from the other administrators, and we collaborate well on the best practices. They are so great with helping me transition into the new role.”

Dr. McAninch also served as a tennis coach when she taught mathematics, but with her new occupation, she doesn’t have as much time and availability to coach. “I really miss my former students and tennis girls. Teaching and coaching allowed me to really develop strong relationships with them. This role is difficult to make those close relationships because I do not see the same students each day,” said McAninch.

Dr. McAninch has known since her teacher had her teach other students math in 3rd grade that she would want to be a mathematics teacher, and that’s exactly what she grew to do. This new job is a huge step for growth in her life and it is an amazing addition for Ozark High School’s administration. 

Overall, Dr. McAninch has a bright future ahead of her. She is passionate about working with students and strives to make school a better place. “Dr. McAninch has been an integral part of our high school teaching staff for several years and will be outstanding in her new role,” said Ozark Superintendent Dr. Chris Bauman.