Mrs. Wilson Hired as New Dance Team Coach


Alexia Zitzke

Mrs. Wilson watches the dance team’s performance at the Backyard Brawl against Nixa.

Alexia Zitzke, Writer

It’s Friday night in Ozark. The stadium lights are shining brightly as the buzzer goes off; it’s halftime at the football game. The band has finished their performance, the music is starting, and it’s time for the dance team to do their thing. This year, the dance team has a new coach: English teacher, Mrs. Shawnna Wilson. 

Coming from a dance background herself, Mrs. Wilson jumped at the opportunity to coach the dance team as soon as she heard the team was looking for a new coach. “I’ve always wanted to coach so when the opportunity opened up, I took it immediately. It’s nice to go back to doing something that I enjoy so much,” said Mrs. Wilson. 

The dance team is a big part of Friday night football games and it seems that the team enjoys it just as much as the students and audience. “Game days are always the best days. There’s always a lot of energy throughout the day and everyone is so positive; it’s mostly a day full of adrenaline.” 

With a number of different coaches in the past, it may feel overwhelming to try to fill their shoes, but Mrs. Wilson had no problem bringing her own personality and drive to the team. “I’m very organized and I think that’s what our team really needs. We need organization and consistency and that’s where I feel I’m the strongest in when it comes to coaching”

Coaching the dance team takes a lot of hard work. From choreographing routines all the way to perfecting and performing them, it takes someone with a lot of determination and dedication. Many people wouldn’t choose this for themselves but Mrs. Wilson claims that all the hard work is worth it. “I love witnessing the moment when they finally get it. Even if it’s not as a team, just an individual person. It’s so exciting to see the look on their faces when they finally get the move, and the look on everyone else’s faces and their support for their teammate.”

Mrs. Wilson plans to help the team better themselves as dancers overall and build team culture. In the future, she also plans to grow the team as a whole.