Media Brings Live Sports to Tiger Fans Online


Jodi Samsinak

Juniors Ryan Wood and Amy Surface commentate the first home football game of the year.

Trinity Schupp, Writer

Capturing each moment, frame by frame, step by step doesn’t just take the click of a button.

With the new fear of COVID-19 looming over the heads of people across the world, there is a need to feel a part of everyday life. For some, this would normally mean watching the Ozark Tiger’s sporting events. Though this isn’t always possible in person for some fans, students like Juniors Ryan Wood and Amy Surface have given this opportunity through their media class. In this class, they broadcast a variety of school sports throughout the year. Even if you can’t be under the Friday Night Lights, you can watch one of the fan-favorite sports in real-time. 

“I enjoy commentating football because I love the sport and it’s interesting when a lot is going on. I feel like it’s the most lively sport and there are a lot of people who can’t watch the games live so I feel like it [Media] is important to family members and Ozark Tiger fans in general,” says Surface.

These live games not only allow friends and families of players to watch the games while quarantined, avoiding exposure, or simply not being able to make it to the games; they also give students an opportunity to learn and be a part of the community around them. Wood and Surface commentate the football games together, but there are many more jobs involved, such as working the camera, editing the film, or controlling the display that fans see on the streaming site. Each of these jobs help to bring the media to life for those watching and bring experience for those involved behind the scenes.

“I have learned a lot about programming and public speaking. Broadcast Journalism is another career path that I’m interested in [alongside Communications]. Media is important because I not only can gain knowledge about camera/computer software, but you can help bring the games to people who cannot make it in person,” said Wood.