On the Other Side of the Stage


Photo used with permission by Ashlyn Dewitt

Madelyn Sult sits in the auditorium directing a rehearsal.

Katie Wells, Writer

With restrictions from COVID-19, the drama department was unable to participate in a fall play, so they came up with alternative productions that have never been done before.

The Advanced Drama students were challenged to stretch their skills as actors and each write a play, stepping into the role of a director for the first time. On November 13, these seventeen student-lead plays will be performed.

Junior Madelyn Sult is an Advanced Drama student who was eager to embark on this new assignment. “Coming up with the idea for my play was the first challenge as well as deciding on the dialogue. But once I developed my characters it was easier to see how they would best fit into the plot and what they would each say,” said Sult.

The students in the Advanced Drama class held auditions on October 12 for any students who were willing to dedicate their time to act in one of the seventeen short plays. Rehearsals include blocking different segments of the script, working on vocal distinction for each character, and memorization of the lines. It takes a lot of dedication from everyone to help make the plays successful.

“For me,” Sult said, “It wasn’t just about being the leader of an event or putting together lines for each actor or actress but for me creating this play is portraying an art. It is an art to construct your own story and bring it to life.”

But most of the students who are actively involved in different plays and drama events recognize that it is not just what happens on the stage that matters. Sult said, “Being a student who has been apart of different drama classes over the years has helped me to get over my fear of public speaking. I can now articulate my thoughts in a way that I couldn’t before. But what I find most amazing is being apart of a group that truly accepts you as you are. The students that I get to surround myself with every day in and out of school look for the best in you and love all of you, including your faults. It’s a unique thing to find a group like that.”