Youngest Varsity Football Player Rises To the Top


Lauren Brice

Sophomore Jacob Kronebusch is unstoppable as he makes a touchdown at the Backyard Brawl game.

Savannah Goodwin, Writer

  Sophomore Jacob Kronebusch has pushed through hardships and overcome difficulties as an athlete, pursuing this football season by giving his all. As the only Sophomore and the youngest player to start and play on only the varsity team, he has proven his efforts to be successful.

  Kronebusch first found out that he was going to play on varsity the week of the Jamboree game. “It made me so happy, excited, pumped up, and it was such a relief because I had been working for an accomplishment like this all offseason, I knew it would be a challenge but the challenge excited me and still does,” said Kronebusch.

  Working to improve his athletic performance and working to improve himself as a football player, in general, took a lot of extra discipline and training outside of football season. It required Kronebusch to sacrifice his time and convenience to work towards his goal. Kronebusch pushed himself daily in the gym, where he would lift and workout to increase his strength and agility. He’d also attend off-season workouts and would do simple things such as playing catch with his friends or dad.

  “Football to me this year really means something more than just pride or winning. It’s being vulnerable to criticism, working with my teammates, building bonds and friendships with my teammates, and always showing up and giving my all even when I don’t feel like it,” said Kronebusch.

  Collaborating with teammates is something that has had an impact on Kronebusch when playing varsity, as well. Because he began playing with a new group of players, he had to adapt to them and create bonds with them. “The atmosphere of the team is really fun and lively because everyone gets along so well and we all have so much fun together. But it is also a very driven atmosphere and we can get into a serious mentality any time we need to be. All the time though, we continue to push each other to be the best players we can be,” said Kronebusch.

  Kronebusch’s past years of football and hard work are paying off and he is excited for the future of Ozark Football and to continue growing as a player. “Football has made me grow as a person as it has taught me teamwork, respect, and the importance of respecting and honoring authority and duties,” said Kronebusch.