Brett Meyer is All About the Numbers


Madison Maleare

Senior Brett Meyer works complex math problems on the white board.

Skylar Hembree, Writer

Most students compete in a sport that is physically demanding, but others can compete on a team that is mentally demanding. Senior Brett Meyer knows a lot about the latter as he is part of the Ozark High School Math Team.

Meyer has been a part of the math team for as long as he could remember. He is a part of the team because of the unity and the community. “We all have different amounts of knowledge and are able to collaborate well,” said Meyer.

Even with all the craziness going on in the world, contests are still happening. “We are still planning on going to competitions but they are all online this year,” said Meyer.

Members of the team must compete in all 4 different events at competitions. “We are required to compete in all four events. Sprint, Target, Relay, and Team,” said Meyer.

The team recently had a competition on Saturday, October 31st, 2020. Two members already placed for state and many more are expected to place.

Meyer goes to five or six math competitions every year. He has also placed fairly high at some of these past events. “I placed third for the sprint event at a competition at OTC Richwood Valley. As well as placing for state 3 years in a row,” said Meyer.

“People that have a love for math at a high level and want to compete should join the Math Team,” said Meyer. He recommends joining the Math Team because of the great experiences for those who have a love for math.

“To be a member of Math Team means to love competition when it comes to math and to always push to be the best mathematician you can be,” said Meyer.

Overall, Math Team is a club that many, including Meyer, enjoy being a part of while also building great friendships along the way.