OHS Roar Welcomes New Editors


Faith Grigg, writer

Each staff member for the Ozark High School yearbook and newspaper is busy pumping out story after story, but without help from the newspaper editors, their jobs would be a lot more difficult. 

Newspaper Editor and Senior Claire Reynolds is just one out of the four editors for the newspaper and yearbook staff. Her job as a newspaper editor is to push staff members to write to their best ability. This includes managing, editing, and assisting when needed.  

Reynolds says, “I became a newspaper editor because I loved writing articles and being able to learn and share things about the school that others might have otherwise not known about. I also love seeing my peers in class get excited about writing an interesting article and would love to be able to give them the tools, resources, and advice to make it the best it can possibly be.”

Reynolds enjoys her job as editor and has many goals set for this year.

“I hope to bring the newspaper much more publicity. It has been a reoccurring struggle in the past, and sometimes students don’t even realize we have an online newspaper presence. So my goal this year is to popularize our newspaper and to encourage the other writers in the class to pick topics they are passionate about to write about,” said Reynolds. 

Alongside Reynolds in her journey to bring publicity to the newspaper, is Newspaper Editor and Senior Katie Marshall. Marshall also sees a great need for the newspaper at OHS.

“I think it is important for there to be a newspaper so students get to learn more about what is happening around their school. I also think the newspaper is a good outlet to learn more things about students. In the yearbook, you read captions about what a student is doing at a specific moment. Whereas in the newspaper you learn more about their lives and who each individual is as a person,” said Marshall. 

Just during this first semester, the girls have already found a few new ways to promote the newspaper and are continuing to do so as the year continues.