Senior McKenna Rhodes Kills it on the Volleyball Court


Jessie Marshall

McKenna Rhodes, senior, gets set in preparation for the next serve from the Kickapoo Chiefs.

Amy Surface, Writer

“Ace!” “Nice hit!” As a veteran on the volleyball court, Senior McKenna Rhodes is no stranger to these cheers. Rhodes recently wore her Ozark Tiger uniform for a final time, as her senior season came to a close. 

As many athletes know, playing on any varsity sports team is a major responsibility and commitment. Rhodes stepped up and pushed herself even further this season to do the best for her team and school. She helped the volleyball team achieve a winning record of 19-10-2. 

“I enjoyed playing varsity volleyball because of the level of competition. The speed of the game is faster, the teams hit harder, and overall it just makes the game really fun to play,” said Rhodes. 

This was Rhodes’ second season on Varsity and her 7th-year playing volleyball in general. Throughout that time, she worked with various teammates and coaches. After playing with many of the girls for at least four years, Rhodes and her teammates knew each other well. All the seniors worked hard to ensure unity within the team, and Rhodes played a large role in the overall group dynamic. 

Coach Adeana Brewer said, “I would say definitely McKenna always brings energy for our team. She’s a workhorse and someone who works hard, that’s contagious.” 

Rhodes specifically mentioned Coach Brewer along with Macey Putt and Kenedee Anderson as being pillars for her volleyball career. With the latter two being former Tigers, Rhodes learned from their examples on and off the court and translated it to her own life. 

“They all made me want to be a better player and person. I worked harder for them and because of them,” said Rhodes. 

With the combination of strong coaching, determination, and perseverance, Mckenna Rhodes has been able to grow and see success throughout her volleyball career. Though her time on the Ozark court is complete, she is excited to see what’s in store for both her academic and athletic futures, taking the skills she learned as a Tiger with her.