Exploring Opportunities


Photo used with permission by Sasha Samsinak

Senior Sasha Samsinak dissects a sheep’s brain during dissection day at GOCAPS.

Hailey Hesher, Writer

During our years in high school, our future can seem so far out of reach, and it can tend to feel as though there isn’t much we can do to prepare ourselves for this. But this isn’t the case, there is a very beneficial program that students are taking to get rare experience and schooling to prepare them for their future careers. This program is called GoCaps.

Many students take advantage of this program, and one of those students is senior Sasha Samsinak. “My favorite part of being in GoCaps is the experience we leave with. We will get shadowing opportunities for the profession we choose, we get special speakers from different colleges and different areas of the medical field, we also got to participate in the MU Simulation Lab where we got to perform a birth simulator as well as CPR,” said Samsinak.

Samsinak has chosen the medical track in GoCaps, but that is not the only option. In GoCaps there are 5 different tracks to choose from. These are medicine & healthcare, engineering & manufacturing, business & entrepreneurship, IT & software solutions, and teacher education.

Besides getting a unique and beneficial learning experience, there are many other benefits to being in this program.

“The benefits of being in GoCaps is building relationships with students from other schools and meeting nurses, doctors, and other health professionals. It’s also an enjoyable experience to be around people who share similar interests with me,” said Samsinak.

GoCaps is a well-known program that students can get accepted into, to receive a better learning experience for a more specific career path. Students will have either a morning session or an afternoon session every day to dive deeper into the career they want to pursue. “GoCaps teaches you to be responsible, for example, students are expected to show up early and not have any late assignments because they have taught us, this is the real world, and this class is all about preparing us for the future. 

Although it is a lot of hard work and takes a lot of time and determination, it is definitely worth it in the long run. “I would definitely recommend this to other students because you truly get great hands-on experience for your future career,” said Samsinak.