McCartney Codon Leads Student Council Throughout a Chaotic School Year


Senior McCartney Codon discusses plans for the Eagle Roast at the Student Council meeting.

Alexia Zitzke, Writer

Some of the most favorable moments in a school year include spirit weeks, assemblies, and school dances; none of these events would be possible without the Student Council, which, this year, is being led by Co-Presidents McCartney Codon and Abigail Faught. 

In most circumstances, candidates for the Student Body President position campaign in the last quarter of the previous school year. This year, however, was different; due to the unexpected ending of the 2019-2020 school year, Codon and Faught ran unopposed and were granted the position for this school year. 

Student Council is certainly a club that is an important component of the school. So far this year, the student council has organized the Homecoming spirit week, the “Roast the Eagle” bonfire, and the “Can the Eagles” food drive. Codon stated that she hopes to be able to hold assemblies during second semester.

Student Council is an opportunity to not only be involved in the school but to learn many traits to help in any real-life work environment. “Student Council has taught me to be open-minded. I’ve been able to work with a few people that I otherwise wouldn’t have wanted to work with. It’s helped me mature to the point that I can have civil conversations with people that I don’t agree with,” said Codon.

Having to work with many different people can be seen as a struggle, but Codon claims that being part of the student council has helped her learn to work with others in many ways. “Since being in Student Council, I have come to learn how to better deal with people and how to take their ideas into consideration when making decisions,” said Codon.

Being a part of such an important club at school can certainly have its stressful moments but, according to Codon, it has moments that make it all worth it. “My high school experience was definitely changed when I became a part of the student council as a junior. I enjoyed knowing that I had a hand in the events that took place at school. One of my favorite moments was being able to read the homecoming coronation in my junior year.” Codon says being able to experience these moments with one of her closest friends is one of the best aspects of the club.