OHS Students Compete Inside the Screen


Halle Milton, Writer

The OHS E-sports program is still very young, in fact most people like myself didn’t know it existed. That was all until my older brother Senior Tyler Milton joined the club. E-sports is a club where students can play different video games competitively against other schools. Some students even go on to receive scholarships because of their excellent game-play. 

“The easy way of saying it, is that it’s just competitive gaming and people would still not really get it. It is another outlet for students to be able to be themselves and still get that feeling of representing their school.” stated Coach Price.

This is only the second year that E-sports has existed at OHS. Because of this, the club is not funded. Students and coaches raise the club money by themselves and use school equipment to compete. The students have worked very hard to raise money and still need help. They have begun fundraisers and worked at the football concession stands. While the budget has been tough, students still managed to have a successful season.

Coach Price goes on to say that the team’s biggest achievement was not winning a match but getting to know each other, “The biggest achievement happened after our game on October 21. The students were very worried about the match and just being able to output their abilities and show what they could do. We ended up losing which is perfectly fine. I wanted the students to realize that these people that they’re playing with are not just their teammates, they’re actually their friends too. I wanted to encourage them to actually talk outside of the club because the explicit trust you get from a teammate is totally different from the implicit trust you get from a friend. I think that after the match they all started talking to each other, more than just about the game but about anything and had a lot of fun. So I think that the achievement there is actually breaking down those social clicks and the walls between grade levels.” stated Price.

This season has been unlike any other with the club being so young. However the E-sports team has persevered in many ways, from winning several matches to getting to know each and every member. The students on the E-sports team now are laying the foundation for upcoming students who will be on the E-sports team. I personally am very excited to see what this club will become several years from now.