Publications Staff Welcomes New Editors


Allison Yates

Yearbook editors Madison Maleare and Halle Glossip review yearbook pages.

Allison Yates, Writer

Every school year, students love taking the time to look back on their yearbooks. Thirty years from now they’ll enjoy doing just the same; looking back to see their former classmates and showing their children what school was like during their time. Yearbooks are something with no expiration; they last forever and they hold the stories and experiences of hundreds of students. 

Each year the Ozark Publications Staff welcomes 2 new senior yearbook editors who get to decide what the year’s book is going to look like. This year’s senior editors are Madison Maleare and Halle Glossip.  

Senior, Madison Maleare has been in publications since seventh grade and this will be her sixth year on staff.

“I like being an editor because I enjoy getting to see each page in-depth and helping all the staff members make this book the best one we can make,” said Maleare.

Being a part of the publications staff includes writing for the newspaper and being in charge of multiple yearbook pages with different deadlines.

“Yearbook is challenging because you’re completely responsible for getting your pages done. You need to be able to work hard and collect all the information and pictures that you need to get your page(s) done on time. It’s not always as easy as it seems,” said Maleare. 

Senior, Halle Glossip has been in publications since eighth grade and this will be her fifth year on staff.

“I think yearbooks are important because it’s a way to remember the whole school year. It shows the year from everyone’s perspective and it’s a good thing to look back on,” said Glossip.

Team working is an important trait that a publication staff member should have. In the end, the pages that each member made should blend seamlessly to create a yearbook that the students can look back on.

“Sometimes a member isn’t able to make it to an event to take pictures for their page and they’ll need another member to go for them. Someone almost always steps up to take pictures because, in publications, you can’t risk missing an event that you could’ve gotten great pictures at,” said Glossip.

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