FCA Spreads Faith Through OHS


Ashlyn Dewitt

Katie Wells, senior, delivers a message to OHS students during FCA’s biggest event of the year, See You at the Pole.

Ashlyn Dewitt, Writer

Students at Ozark High School wake up early every Wednesday morning excited to join together and praise God.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an international club offered at OHS that focuses on bringing ministry to schools. The goal of this club is to inspire students to be confident in their faith and spread inspiration through their school. FCA members are always looking for ways to lead in their community and empower others through Christ.

“Our mission is to help create an environment where students can connect in a safe place and grow in their walk with the Lord. In a world where there are so many voices, it can be easy to feel confused about what is true or not. In this club, we make it easy by inviting any and all students to feel loved and connected,” said Katie Wells, senior.

Wells has been an active member of FCA for seven years and has been a leader in FCA for five years. She is an example to students on and off-campus and strives to bring light and positivity to everyone around her.

“Spreading more of Jesus in my school is something that I am very passionate about so it was an easy choice joining the club. I simply love being a leader in my community and leading FCA was a great opportunity to use my influence in my school,” said Wells.

Along with meeting together once a week, students in FCA find other ways to spread their faith through OHS. By hosting events such as See You at the Pole and partnering with Nixa High School’s FCA club to host a “5th quarter”, students spread inspiration and make lasting friendships.

“As a leader, it’s easy to get discouraged in terms of the number of attendees. I am constantly reminding myself that Jesus’ ministry wasn’t about the crowds, but about the individuals,” said Wells.

This year, students in FCA plan to continue showing positivity throughout their day to day lives, especially during these hard times.