Back on the Mats


Photo used with permission by Elijah Maskrod

At a district match versus Central, Maskrod defeated his opponent in a match.

Katie Wells, Writer

With the start of winter sports, the wrestling team has begun to practice and prepare for the future tournaments that lay ahead. 

Elijah Maskrod, a senior who has participated in the team for many years, anxiously awaits his final season representing the tigers.  “I’m super excited to see how far this team goes. We have lots of talent and I’m excited to see where that takes us,” said Maskrod.

Being a state participant, Maskrod has set goals for this year’s competitions. “A personal goal that I have is that I would like to place at state as well as win my district bracket. And for the team, I would like to get a top-four finish at the state and be the district champions,” said Maskrod. 

But to achieve these goals, an important component of being a successful athlete is putting in the hard work by going to practice. There are daily practices that take place that help to build the athletes. “At the beginning of practice, we do a super high-intensity warm-up just to get your heart rate up and everything lose. Then we go over one technique, like a takedown or escape. In the end, we do a little live wrestling and a few drill matches. It’s super important to show up to practice to make sure that you stay in shape. Wrestling is super physically demanding and when you miss a practice it can hinder your endurance,” said Maskrod.

Wrestling not only builds you physically but can teach the participants life-lessons and skills. “From competing for the last six years, I have learned my share of different lessons. One of them being perseverance. There are parts of the season that can get really difficult to keep going, but if you stick it out it is always worth it. The second is discipline. Wrestling requires lots of discipline, not just in the room but in all aspects of your life. Such as diet, working out, and staying on top of schoolwork.”

So as the team kicks off their practices and prepare for the tournaments to come, Maskrod hopes for his final season to be the best one yet.