Boys Varsity Soccer Makes History


Trinity Schupp

The Varsity Boys Soccer Team gathers together before their District game against Kickapoo.

Trinity Schupp, Writer

Breaking down the door was their mission. Making it to the quarterfinals was their reward.

With a whole new team and a new head coach leading the way, the Varsity Boys Soccer team completed one of the most successful years in the organization’s history. Going 18-10, the team ended with a tight quarterfinals game against Jefferson City, going this far for only the second time in team history.

“The team’s goals were to win districts for the third year in a row and let everyone know that this was not a “rebuilding” year after losing 14 seniors. We were going to be just as good, if not better,” said Varsity Coach Zack Owens.

The season was full of ups and downs, from teammates and coaches being quarantined to the team beating Rockbridge for the first time in the history of the organization. One of the ups of this season was the success of the boys who made this year’s special teams: Senior Dillon Holesapple (1st team all-district, all-region team, 1st team all-COC, 1st team all-state, all-district MVP), Senior Micah Lepant (1st team all-district, 2nd team all-COC, all-region team), Riley Shelton (1st team all-district, 2nd team all-COC), Junior Jose Ortega (1st team all-district, offensive player of the year all-district, 1st team all-COC, all-region team), Junior Renato Granja (1st team all-district), Junior Ethan Peeples (2nd team all-district), Junior Justin Baker (2nd team all-district), and Sophomore Trevor Carlton (1st team all-district).

Game after game the team showed up with an intense attitude that led them throughout a successful season.

“I was most looking forward to being part of a successful team and proving we could be just as good as in previous years. We are lucky to have had a team that was willing to work hard and listen which has helped us be successful again this year,” said Holesapple.

Day after day each individual put in hours of practice and game time, each hoping to climb the ladder to more playing time. The team motivated each other and quickly began to fit together throughout the season. There wasn’t a moment where they lacked the determination to win.

“We motivated ourselves with the things people were saying about us. It really fueled the team,” said Lepant.

Through hard work and dedication, this team rose to the top creating some of their most memorable moments. Their motto was “break down the door”, but this team shattered the door and everyone’s expectations along with it.