Dance Team Ends Their Fall Season with a Leap


Madison Maleare

Ozark Tigers Dance Team performed during half-time at the first home football game of the season.

Skylar Hembree, Writer

Flexibility. This is something that the Dance Team knows a lot about. Not only being flexible physically, but also mentally.

The Dance Team is made up of students from ninth through twelfth grade. They performed at half-time during all varsity home football games as a part of their fall season.

Although this year has been different than most years with many new experiences including a new coach, masking protocols, and quarantines, the dance team is still going strong. “We did really well this season with all of the challenges we had to face and changes during practices and performances. We really rose to the occasion,” said Junior Emilia Riccomini.

Bonding is a very big part of most activities and sports because without it, everything seems to fall apart. “Team culture is as important as the skills or technique practices required of all athletics. A strong team culture will help everything else fall into place,” said Coach Shawanna Wilson.

Even though their fall season is coming to an end, there are still many more opportunities to learn and grow. “I have learned how to trust others and a lot about friendship. I’ve gotten to know people better and see everyone’s different experiences with their dance life,” said Sophomore Sophia Nelson.

Other members on the team learned more about themselves this year as well, including senior and team caption, Morgan Taylor. “I shouldn’t take anything for granted. In previous years, there was always a bit of dread about traveling for competitions. This year, I was very excited to travel to compete and we didn’t get to,” said Taylor.

All competitions will be held online this year, consisting of recorded dance routines from multiple schools submitted virtually. The team will also be performing at home basketball games during half-time. Make sure to go and cheer your Ozark Tigers Dance Team on!