Ozark Girls Golf Team Swings Their Way to Success


Jessie Marshall

Ozark Girls Golf team crowds around Coach Daniel Mullis as he explains the strategy for the course.

Jessie Marshall, Writer

Only a few can ever experience the immense satisfaction of watching your ball soar through the air and perfectly land in the fairway.

Focusing their minds on every swing, the Ozark Girls Golf team triumphantly pushed through all their obstacles and made it a season to remember. These girls practiced their golf game at Fremont Hills in everything from extreme heat to frigid snow, showing their true strength and love for the game. 

Not only is this sport physically draining, but it also weighs on every athlete’s mental strength. Senior Elizabeth Freeman said, “My mindset on the course has completely changed. Golf is such a mentally draining sport and you really have to adapt and not let your emotions control you. I have really learned to accept what happens on the course and I had to learn that one bad shot does not define you as a player.”

After all the hard work put into perfecting their drives, putts, chips, strategies, and more, the girls made this a memorable season. They placed third in multiple challenging tournaments and took home first place in their conference championship, but they didn’t stop there. This team went on to place second in Districts for the third time in a row and many players advanced to State in Cape Girardeau. 

These three players, Seniors Katie Marshall, Elizabeth Freeman, and Georgia Fraser, took every detail Coach Daniel Mullis has guided them through the year with and went on to show their true power at State.

“I think that getting to spend those extra practices at the end of the year really helped me to become a better player. Getting extra time to not only learn more from Coach Mullis and all his expertise and insights into the game of golf but also learning from the other girls. Liz [Elizabeth Freeman] has always been super helpful in giving me tips as we are playing. Overall I am amazed by how well our team performed this season. I never would’ve imagined qualifying for state, but I am so grateful for that experience and the memories we made,” said Marshall.

Ending the season on a high note, this team will carry memories with them forever, from their struggles to their victories to their relationships made along the way.