Boys Swim Makes a Splash at State


Sophomore Graham Eisenmann gets ready to make his jump off the starting block.

Lauren Brice, Writer

This season was certainly one for the books. Even with boys being quarantined every other week the swim team managed to push through with a 2nd place at COC, 2nd at the Southwest Missouri Championship, and 13th at state. The dive team which consisted of only one senior, Kaden Bowling, ended the season with 3rd place overall at the district meet and top 22 in the state.

Senior Caleb Chrestman wraps up the season with two 2nd place finishes at state.

“We had a huge change mentally this season, in terms of knowing what we are capable of and being prepared. One of my favorite memories was placing 2nd as a team at the southwest Missouri championships. I think that it solidified the brotherhood that we have as a team and proved that we are one of the best teams in the region and state,” says Chrestman.

He is currently trying to decide a college to commit to for swimming and will continue his preparation at Springfield Aquatics. It wasn’t only the seniors fighting for the team’s finish. Sophomore Graham Eisenmann headed into the season with the State competition in mind. 

In the summertime and during the first shutdown I tried to be positive and keep myself in shape. I would get up every morning and swim for two hours and then after that, I would go and lift weights for an hour and a half. It was tough to stay motivated but I knew that next year there would be no more fast seniors for me to count on to help the relay and I had to make the times myself,” says Eisenmann.

He plans on getting next year’s team in the pool and weight room even earlier this summer to have a good chance at state. 

The overall hard work and dedication of the team this year got them where they were and will continue to spill over into the program’s future.