Cross Country Strides in the Right Direction


OHS Publications Staff

Dylan Fritz runs towards the finish line at the COC competition.

Halle Milton, Writer

By persevering through many obstacles and oppositions, the Ozark Cross country team has made this a season to remember with intense determination. The team had many challenges to overcome however they took control of their season and made it one of the best. 

Although this season was unlike any other the team still managed to accomplish many of their goals.

“In the year 2020, our first goal was to make it through the season and help students to reach their goals. The girls and boys teams both placed 4th at districts and we had 2 girls and 2 boys qualify for state this year. Each of them were able to experience the opportunity to compete at the State competition,” said Coach Jared Cristy.

For many athletes, the hardest part is just showing up every day. For other athletes, the hardest part was running every day. There will be hard things to overcome but what makes the best runners are the ones who stay committed. 

“Sometimes in workouts, you get to a point where you don’t want to keep going it starts hurting. The best runners are made by the people who push through that. So if you can teach yourself to keep going even when it hurts you will come out a better person at the end of it. It is definitely hard to initially make that push,” said Senior Dylan Fritz.

Each runner’s path will be different, but Fritz explains what made him a successful runner.

“Obviously it’s a lot of running. So I run around 45 miles every week and on top of that I lift three times a week and then do other things, such as dieting, you have to watch what you eat,” said Fritz.

As high school students, we can become overwhelmed with the millions of responsibilities we now have. What is really important, is creating relationships with our peers and finding something that makes us happy. Fritz has been on the cross country team for five years now. He has created many relationships that will last a lifetime. He also created memories that he can keep forever.

“This year I made it to state and I ran under 17 min for the 5K. The time that I ran was the tenth fastest in Ozark History,” said Fritz.

Looking at this season in review anyone can see the Ozark Cross Country team had a very successful season.