Serving It Up On the Court


Halle Milton

Junior Maggie Kensinger gets ready to serve the ball to the opposing team.

Faith Grigg, writer

The tennis team wraps up the end of their season as winter sports roll in. 

Many of the players have next year’s season to look forward to however, senior tennis players say goodbye to their teammates and coaches, as this was their last year to play for the Ozark High School tennis team. 

Senior Savannah Goodwin has been playing since her sophomore year and this year she took some time to look back on her experience.

“What I enjoyed most this year was just getting to be in a peaceful and uplifting atmosphere with my friends, playing the game we love. Since it was my senior year I tried to soak it all in because through tennis I’ve made some of my best memories of high school. We have such a good time together, and especially in this crazy season of life, I could play tennis and forget about it all,” said Goodwin. 

For Junior Miller Bennett and Maggie Kensinger, their experience this year was somewhat different.

“This year I worked on listening better and taking advice from my coach and focused on becoming a better tennis player instead of just playing for fun,” said Bennett.

For Kensinger, her high school tennis career has only just begun.

“I’ve always enjoyed playing sports but ended up quitting softball. Once we went on quarantine I had so much free time so my friends and I decided to start playing tennis for fun. I picked it up pretty fast and ended up taking lessons and fell in love with the sport and my team,” said Kensinger.

She says her favorite part of playing on the team this year were the cute uniforms. 

Both Kensinger and Bennett plan on playing next year, while Goodwin will say goodbye to the team but continue to play as a hobby after high school.

“Unless Miller and I decide to take up cheering, you will definitely see me back on the court next year!” said Kensinger. 

Though each of the players’ take away from the year was different, their love for the sport and their teammates is the same.