Tips to Ace Finals


Emma Burton

Students study in the library for the upcoming finals.

Emma Burton, Writer

  With Christmas break nearing and the semester coming to a close, there is one thing that most students dread: Final Exams.“                         

  A final (at Ozark High School) is a summative test that is overall/most/or the priority standards learned in a course over that semester. At OHS they are worth no more than 10% of your grade. Teachers conduct them differently in terms of the format; it is ultimately up to the teacher as to what percentage of the final grade it will be, it can just be no more than 10%,” said Principal Dr. Jeremy Brownfeild.

  In years past, if a student missed two or fewer days in the semester, they could opt out of finals and were not required to come to school on that day. This year, due to COVID-19, finals are going to look a little bit different. “…the board of education passed a policy surrounding COVID-19. As part of that policy, all attendance-based incentives were suspended indefinitely to allow us to deal with the pandemic. We did not want students who may be ill to be at school just to have the opportunity to opt-out of finals. So for this year, all students will take finals,” Dr. Brownfield said.

  Finals can be a last-minute way for students to raise their grades, as long as you study accordingly. To help study, students highly recommend that you test yourself through the Quizlet and Kahoot! platforms. “The best way to learn terms is to read them twice, write them twice, and listen to them twice,” said Ollie Tramel, junior.

  Joseph Potts, junior, also has a few study tips of his own. “Usually, I look back on any notes or assignments I did and review over each unit. I also go to the teacher for aid if needed,” said Potts. If you are worried about your preparedness, Dr. Brownfield recommends talking with your teacher to discuss a study plan.

  Even though finals have been somewhat affected by COVID-19, students still continue to prosper in their academic life. “Finals are just another bump in the academic road,” said Tramel.

  Students can take these tips and make sure to study, ask teachers for help, and ace those finals!