The Fall Semester Wraps Up


Claire Reynolds

Cameron Hembree, junior, focuses on getting work done in class.

Ashlyn Dewitt, Writer

As the semester comes to a close, students have been reflecting on the memories they’ve made and the people, events, and stories that made it unforgettable.

Morgan LaBarge, senior, shares some insight on what her semester was like.

“When I think of the most memorable moment from this semester, I think of the Bible study I go to every Friday morning. I love that I get to build relationships with all kinds of students, and I get to grow closer to my friends. My goal for next semester is to make sure that I am prepared to go to college in the fall and to continue growing as a person,” said LaBarge.

Ozark Varsity Cheer did an amazing job this season, becoming the division winners for the first time in program history. Varsity cheerleader and junior, Ashley Jones, is proud of her team’s hard work and how far they’ve come.

“For me, the most memorable moment from the semester was coming out of the season as the division regional qualifier. We will go to compete at nationals in Orlando, Florida, so we will continue to work hard and be committed to the team in order to perform our best,” said Jones.

Along with cheer, boy’s soccer made history by kicking their way to the quarter-finals. Nathan Thrasher, senior, is a dedicated member of the boy’s varsity soccer team.

“My most memorable moment of the semester was beating Kickapoo 2-1 in the District Championship game. It felt really good to finally see all of our hard work pay off. My goal for next semester is to take more college courses so I can get a head start in college,” said Thrasher.

Coming back to school in the middle of a pandemic can be scary. Along with other precautions put in place, if exposed to Covid-19, students are asked to quarantine for up to 20 days. Students are constantly wondering if their name will be called to be sent home.

Junior Cameron Hembree shares what this crazy semester was like for him.

“For about a week and a half, I was the only student in my class that wasn’t quarantined and next semester, I hope to continue my streak of not being quarantined,” said Hembree.

This semester was full of ups and downs but as it comes to a close, students are able to see growth in themselves. With many unknowns, it can be hard to find motivation, but students persevered and made this semester one of the best.