Art Students Draw in the Blanks


Used with Permission by Mrs. Evans

Sophomore Kara Gargus created a half-face portrait of Mrs. Sandi Criswell.

Skylar Hembree, Writer

Art can be difficult if not done with passion. Ozark High Schools Art Foundations students found ways to be connected to their drawings and still include school spirit.

Students were challenged to draw the other half of one of their teachers’ faces.

“This was a great project to continue working with facial features and proportions, but mainly focused on using value and shading to make the portraits look 3 dimensional,” said Mrs. Mandy Evans, Art Foundations Teacher.

Students were not the only ones learning new techniques. “I also got to learn some additional drawing skills for myself and worked on a few of my own drawing portraits alongside the students,” said Evans.

The technical side of this project took less effort once students found a way to connect to their work through emotion. Most students got pictures of one of their favorite teachers to draw and do the project around.

“I knew that I definitely wanted to draw someone with a beard, as I struggle with drawing chins and jawlines. So I decided that Mr. Carlton was totally the way to go,” said Sophomore Emma Burton.

Non-seated students are also offered the opportunity to take Art Foundations online. They had a similar prompt to seated students, they just had to draw a photo of a relative and not a teacher. Sophomore Victoria Lovett is one of many that takes art online this year.

“For me, this project was fairly easy. My inspiration for this project was my love for my mother and my gratefulness towards all the care she has given me, so I drew the other half of her face for this project,” said Lovett.

Art gives students a way to express their emotions. This project gave teachers a feeling of being appreciated since students choose them as someone they admire to be the focus of their project.