National Honor Society Creates New Opportunities


Mrs. Jodi Samsinak

Senior Lilly Tate, Juniors Mylinh Hoelker and Calla Yearta-Sothern, and Sophomore Paige Taylor host their Harmony House Fundraiser, where they are wrapping gifts for the community.

Jessie Marshall, Writer

While National Honor Society has gone above and beyond throughout the years, filling Ozark with volunteering opportunities, this organization decided to raise the bar and reach new levels.

This school year, members of NHS have been pushed to create their own service projects to help the community. Using their own ideas and creativity in groups of five, they have created masterpieces ranging from spreading cheer around the square, volunteering in the special education classrooms, or cleaning our community parks.

While students are creating their own opportunity and volunteering project, they are becoming leaders and pushing their communities towards greatness.

“The biggest benefit for each student is that this is something that they created, organized, revised, and implemented for positive change. These are great skills to have moving forward. I am also hoping that this allows students to take control of items that need change rather than only serving as a volunteer. Volunteering is still a part of NHS and a great thing to do, but there is something more meaningful about creating something yourself and watching it grow over time,” said Mrs. Shawnna Wilson, NHS advisor.

As these students implement their projects into the community, they get to see their importance in the community. Not only will these projects last all school year long, but they will also have the ability to be utilized for years to come and help a wide range of people.

One of the many incredible projects this year is creating and establishing Convoy of Hope Care Packages. While collecting a variety of materials, including toothbrushes and deodorant, this group is providing necessities to people in need around Ozark. With a wide range of projects, each member gets to express themselves through their project while helping out Ozark and putting their mark on the world.

NHS has given its members the valuable opportunity of creating their own service project that they can put all their heart and effort into it. As they watch these projects grow throughout the years, they will always be able to look back at them and remember where it all started.