Dylan Bunch Spreads School Spirit across Ozark


Junior Dylan Bunch encourages his teammates from the sideline while preparing to play in the football Jamboree vs. Reed Springs.

Trinity Schupp, Writer

It’s always a great day to be a Tiger.

No one takes this statement to heart like Junior Dylan Bunch. Bunch has become the epitome of school spirit at Ozark High School, doing everything from giving inspiring speeches about the importance of Tiger Pride within the halls to encouraging all of his fellow Tigers on the sidelines. There isn’t a day that goes by without a comment from Bunch about how amazing it is to go to Ozark High School. This pride is fueled by his classmates and his love for the school itself.

“Every time I see a fellow Tiger in need of motivation, I make it a point to contact them and give them a well-thought-out message,” said Bunch.

Not only does Bunch present this during school, but also off-campus. Whenever he participates in out-of-school activities with his friends, he still tries to implement the Tiger Spirit as best as he can. This includes everything from his thought-out messages to representing what he feels an Ozark Tiger should act like. Bunch feels it helps him and others throughout the week to be reminded of the importance of school spirit.

“Tiger Pride is the most important thing to me for many reasons. I believe it helps our athletics and overall performance,” said Bunch.

We’re only in high school for so many years though, so what will happen once Bunch graduates? Once we all graduate? Will the Tiger Pride continue to flow throughout the school or will it become dull once the current students who have been encouraged, leave? This is Bunch’s final word to his school and his classmates as we all prepare for the future:

“I will never leave my Tigers, however, I will make sure to spread my Tiger Pride well enough, so it will continue to be present throughout the school after we leave.”