Allie Wallace Makes Goals for Herself and Her Future


Photo used with permission from Allie Wallace

Senior Allie Wallace poses for a picture.

Faith Grigg, Writer

Many students at Ozark High School are pushing themselves to get outside of their comfort zones and going above and beyond to be an impact on their school, community, and even the world.

Senior Allie Wallace is just one of these students. She not only works hard at school but also started working on her own blog and is an intern for a nonprofit organization that provides sustainable water for Africa.

It’s no secret that this year has been full of struggles, especially for high school students. Despite these challenges and some of her own, Allie Wallace has acted as an example of finding good in every situation. She wouldn’t have even started her blog if it weren’t for her struggles.

“My junior year of high school, I got diagnosed with an eating disorder and anxiety disorder. It was the first major event that occurred in my life, but I learned a lot through completely relying on and surrendering to the Lord during this time and through Christian counseling. I thought I had a lot of valuable information to share with people my age and just being able to use the platform as a way to emphasize the fact that God truly loves every single person and wants to have a personal relationship with everyone. That’s how I got started on my blog,” said Wallace.

This same year Wallace became interested in WorldServe and ended up joining their team as an intern.

As she continues her blog and internship, she has set many goals for herself this year and for the future. She hopes to create quality content and to grow an active following for her blog and bring more attention to the water problems in Africa.

“Water is essential. So many problems come from not having clean water that you would never even think of! For example, women being vulnerable to sex trafficking. It’s crazy and very heartbreaking. Though my internship is only for this year, I hope to stay connected with everyone on the team and use them as mentors throughout college. When I can have an internship in college I would like to go back and be able to work with that team again! I plan to major in Public Relations or marketing and hopefully be able to bring more knowledge as a college intern to the team in the next couple of years,” said Wallace.

Through the organization and starting her blog, she says she has learned many things about herself and others.

Wallace said, “Every single person has their own little thing they have to carry around. I just want to keep learning. I want to gain a higher knowledge of Public Relations. I also want to learn about God’s people and how he can use me to love them.”

Wallace plans to continue making new goals for herself and advancing in her future and hopes that she is an example to others to look past their struggles and step outside their comfort zones.