The Meaning Behind the Season


Some of the publications students gather for a photo during their classes Christmas party.

Lauren Brice, Writer

As the weather gets colder and days get shorter it is not hard to see the holiday season consuming every store, house, and coffee shop around Ozark. After this crazy semester, the students are ready to start celebrating the Christmas season. Junior Dylan Billingsley shares one of his favorite Christmas traditions.

“My grandparents always come over to my house on Christmas morning and we all open presents together,” said Billingsly. His favorite memory was waking up on a snowy morning when he was little and getting to open presents then go play outside.

Even with all the craziness going on, some students are able to carry on their Christmas traditions like normal. Junior Abby Ford is able to get together with her family for dinner and treats like every year.

“All the grandkids help make goodies and we all enjoy them together. My favorite tradition is a calendar made of felt for the month of December my family has. It has a tree and 25 ornaments on it. Every day a new ornament gets pinned on the tree until Christmas day,” Ford says.

Along with fun traditions it is never challenging to think back to a favorite gift as a child. For Senior Ella Crewse, it was a Disney princess bike from her parents when she was little. Senior Kyle Flattem will never forget four years ago when he got his dog, Shelby. For Senior Josh Dean it was an Xbox 360 the year it came out.

“My brother and I got the gift together one Christmas and it really shaped my childhood. It fueled my interest and curiosity in computers and technology in general,” said Dean.

Christmas brings different meanings to everyone but for all, it means a time to get back to the true spirit of the season.