Expressing Ourselves Through Podcasts


Alexis Goss

Criswell and her Creative Writing students join in for a photo.

Alexis Goss, Writer

Many students’ learning can be shown through their homework and assignments that they turn in throughout the year. Mrs. Sandi Criswell uses this to her advantage as she comes up with an assignment where students can show their learning capabilities through the use of an online podcast. 

Criswell’s creative writing class focuses mainly on writing itself. This writing can be portrayed through multiple forms.

We focus on writing poetry, short stories, podcasts, etc,” said Criswell. The students of her class get to break down professional writing pieces from authors who are very experienced in writing technique and creativity.

Criswell said, “It’s fun because we get to see ‘professionals’ write, and then put our own spin on the pieces.  It’s okay if we aren’t perfect because we’re just experimenting.” 

The overall goal Criswell has for her students, is for them to have fun working with new writing techniques and styles. Podcasts have been one of the many ways to achieve this goal. They have become more and more popular over the past few years making it even more fun to partake in.

“It’s so great that students can participate in something that’s popular and gaining more fans now. Podcasts are huge and it’s exciting that they’re so easily accessible for even students to create,” said Criswell. 

A podcast is a digital audio recording or file. They are normally a series and there is more than likely more than one recording. The podcasts that students create in Criswell’s class can range from a variety of subjects, it is all up to the students to come up with something creative and interesting.

“The podcasts are fun because students have gotten very far in school and this may be the first time they’ve ever created one. I think it’s amazing to hear their voices and the subjects they’re passionate about,” said Criswell. 

The class itself is all about creativity. Students are able to express themselves through the use of poetry or their voices through these podcasts specifically.

“My favorite thing in this class is just getting to see what creative, cool worlds the students have in their heads. Sometimes they had no idea they’d be so skilled at writing poetry because they’d never try. This is a class where we can really take changes!” said Criswell.

Each individual student has their own topic that they are passionate about, something that they could talk about for hours. These podcasts give students the opportunity to show their excitement and life for the subject that they are passionate about.

Every piece of writing is unique in its own way, and no two pieces are ever the same. This makes it more interesting for students as they get to listen to their classmates’ thoughts and passions and for Criswell as well.