From Mr. To Dr.

Halle Milton, Writer

To everyone, becoming successful means a different thing. For some it is cleaning their room for others it’s receiving their doctorate. With hard work and determination, anyone can meet their goals. That is exactly what Jeremy Brownfield did. 

Dr. Brownfield already had a specialist degree, but he had to take an additional 24 hours of coursework that lasted four semesters. In addition to that, he had to conduct research and write a dissertation which took an additional two semesters. Overall it was a year and a half of evening classes and many long weekends working on his dissertation.

When it all came to an end the feeling of success really left a lasting impression.

“It was weird, it was like a huge weight was lifted off of me… Immediately after my defense, I remember getting suddenly very hungry which was kind of weird but probably a sign the nerves had worn off,” said Dr. Brownfield.

No matter how old you become you will never be too old to learn something new. Throughout this whole experience, Dr. Brownfield learned many things.

“I definitely learned perseverance, sometimes you have an idea for the way something should be and it doesn’t always turn out that way. It took me longer than I wanted to, but it also made me realize that things happen when they are supposed to and that all I can control is my own forward momentum,” said Dr. Brownfield.

Anyone can accomplish their goals if they set their minds to it, Dr. Brownfield gave several pieces of advice to future students applying for their doctorate. 

“Anyone can do this, you just have to set your mind to it and do it. I was the first in my family to graduate from college, my mom and dad never went to college, but they instilled hard work in me which is really what it takes to get a doctorate. The keys to completing a doctorate are not really different than being a successful high school student. You have to set short and long term goals and work to achieve them. Time management is a huge key as well, it really just takes consistent progress and you will get there,” said Dr. Brownfield.

Becoming successful is not an easy thing to do and Dr. Brownfield did not do it alone. He had many people supporting him including his wife and kids.

“Mr. Gillespie is working on his [doctorate] currently and we would bounce ideas off of each other. Dr. Mac, Mrs. Wood, and Mrs. Watkins would also provide encouragement and support and take things off my plate at work when they knew I had big things coming up,” said Brownfield.

Lastly, he wanted to thank all the kind students and staff at Ozark high school for all the kind words since he has finished.