OHS Coffee Cart Brings Treats and Joy


Jessie Marshall

The Ozark High School coffee carts rolls around, serving every classroom and bringing joy.

Jessie Marshall, Writer

Rolling down the halls of Ozark High School every day, the coffee cart run by Mr. Kirby’s room, Rolling Cart, stops by each classroom in need of a morning boost and brightens up their day.

On this coffee cart, there is an arrangement of creamers, snacks, and treats made for the students and teachers of OHS. As this cart visits classrooms during advisory, each teacher and student waits to see the bright smiling faces of each member of the coffee cart.

One of the most frequent stops by the Rolling Cart is Ms. Tara Ray’s classroom. Here not only does Ms. Ray buy coffee, but the students in her advisory class also come out and interact with this group of students.

“I think the coffee cart is a really special addition to this school because it allows students the ability to interact with each other in a positive way that they might not get to do. It goes both ways for all students. Each student is able to talk to the students working and help them practice interacting with each other, otherwise, you may not have an opportunity to work with them elsewhere,” said Mrs. Ray.

This cart provides for the school and it also allows the students involved in running the coffee cart the opportunity to practice real-life scenarios. These scenarios can include increasing social skills, promoting products, counting money, and serving customers. Having an opportunity for each student to go to classrooms and communicate about certain products, make the product, and give and receive the correct amount of money, helps each student in different ways.

Mrs. Erin McElroy said, “We wanted to create the coffee cart as a way to give students opportunities to practice social skills that are associated with working in a food service environment. We wanted to have our students be able to have a safe space to work, make mistakes and learn about how to move forward.  We love the way the staff in the building and the students treat the Rolling Cart’s staff and how they look forward to the cart rolling towards their room.”

As the Rolling Cart reaches each classroom, every student, teacher, and administrator is delighted by the special interactions this coffee cart brings to Ozark High School.