Publications Staff Juniors Strive for Greatness


Madison Maleare

Juniors Jessica Marshall, Amy Surface, and Trinity Schupp prepare themselves for the future by helping edit current yearbook pages.

Trinity Schupp, Writer

Those with high aspirations succeed in the moments that they’ve been taught to value most.

Not only are this year’s juniors on publications staff currently working hard to create something special for their classmates, but they are also looking ahead to the future. This mentality of growth is crucial in a class like Publications where change is constant.

Juniors Jessica Marshall, Amy Surface, and Trinity Schupp have grown together since starting yearbook classes in 7th grade and now they are preparing to take on the role of being next year’s Publications editors.

“Being able to create the yearbook with my own visions and designs has always been a goal that I have strived to reach through the years. I want to be an editor because I want to be a part of every aspect of the building process,” said Marshall.

While they have visions of their own, these girls have also been learning from those around them. Working alongside their fellow staff members has inspired determination and passion to create something worth every moment of preparation.

“Each of the staff members I work with is so hard working. They put in hours upon hours of effort and I want to help however I can to make an environment that not only encourages them to work that hard, but also to have fun while they do it,” said Schupp.

Though these staff members grew together, they have also found their individual strengths within the class. Marshall has found a love for layouts and editing, Schupp enjoys capturing the small moments through photography, and Surface found a passion for writing. Each of these strengths helps them to thrive within their positions, along with other skill sets that have been learned throughout their experiences.

“Publications has taught me diligence, team-work, punctuality, and so many other things that are overall great tools for any job. I’m excited to try out my take on the newspaper and see what we can do,” said Surface.

Though it will be sad to see the class above them go, these girls are prepared to step-up and fill in the shoes that are left behind with Surface as the sole newspaper editor and Marshall and Schupp co-heading as yearbook editors.