Big Dreams Behind the Scenes


Lauren Brice

Senior Emily Rice teaches a fellow student how to do an introduction in sign language.

Lauren Brice, Writer

From being a doctor to teaching, even owning a successful law firm; everyone has aspirations for their days after high school.

Many hobbies or interests will influence these decisions. For this Ozark senior, her path is one that stands out from the rest. Senior Emily Rice wants to be the one behind the “magic of the movies.”

With her eyes set on the big screen, after graduating she plans on attending film school, a rare career path not followed by many. How does one get into or gain an interest in film production anyway?

Well for her it is simple, “I have always loved movies from a young age and I enjoy seeing things from other people’s perspectives. It really opens your mind to new ideas and viewpoints,” said Rice.

She hopes to create films that people will be impacted by and leave a lasting impression. She knows that it will be a big risk to go into that kind of field but she is willing to pursue her dreams, although she does have an alternative plan which is just as interesting as the first.

A sign language interpreter is another dream career of hers and something she will also be studying alongside film. Rice has known sign language for a long time and hopes to use it to help others.

“I had a friend in elementary school who was deaf so I learned sign language to be able to communicate with her and have kept up with it since. In school, she was never able to fully participate in normal activities and projects so I want to be able to help other kids like her,” said Rice.

With two unique career paths in mind, she will be happy to see where either one leads her and the adventures each brings whether this be on the big screen or helping kids communicate.