A Perfect Ending to an Almost Perfect Season



Brady Perkins smiles at the thought of all his accomplishments this Band season.

Halle Milton, Writer

Senior year, what a marvelous time to be in. Every senior has spent his or her year in a different way. Some fizzled out, filled with senioritis but others such as Senior Brady Perkins pushed harder than ever before.

Perkins is an OHS band member. He is a trombone player as well as the trombone/baritone section leader. He has been in the band program for 6 years now and wants to continue his musical career through college.

“I plan on pursuing a major in music education at Missouri State University from there I’ll decide if I will go to North West Texas for performance or Florida for composition,” said Perkins.

Perkins has not only been a faithful band member but he has even composed music for the band. Perkins wrote the brass warm-up chords and even a piece for their winter concert. He only started composing music a couple of years ago.

“I’ll be honest my friends and I decided we just wanted to write a piece and we just went from there. We ended up not finishing that piece, but from then on I was just hooked to it,” said Perkins.

Perkins has also accomplished several other things this year such as making Districts in Band and in Jazz Band. Perkins will try out for the All-State Band in March.

Becoming one of the best band members is not an easy task there are many responsibilities and duties a great musician should accomplish. Perkins practices at least an hour on most days. Not only does he practice his instrument a lot, but he has also gained the ability to practice different instruments.

Perkins also makes sure to sets goals for his future. “An ongoing goal is to make the All-State band again, in both the band and the jazz band. Another goal of mine is to get the John Philip Sousa award. This award has gone to a trombone player for the past two years now, and I want to continue that tradition. One final personal goal is to be able to look at the trombone/baritone section and feel a sense of accomplishment that I have done everything I could and that I feel confident that it’s going to stay great as I go on,” said Perkins.

Becoming one of the best will never be an easy job, but with hard work and perseverance, anyone can become the best.

Perkins finishes off with one last piece of advice. “Remember what is important. Remember that you are in band because you want to share your love of music with other people and perform your heart out. Band is more than just getting your instrument out and playing it in a rehearsal. Music, in general, is about the memories you create with your friends, and sharing that love that you have with your friends and everyone you know,” said Perkins.