Varsity Girls Basketball on the Comeback


Jessie Marshall

Junior Riley Boggs stands at half court looking for an open teammate to pass to.

Alexia Zitzke, Writer

A reputation in sports is built off of two opposite ends of a spectrum: a reputation for winning and a reputation for losing. Until the year 2019, Rockbridge had been undefeated against Ozark. This year, the Ozark Varsity Girls Basketball team outplayed Rockbridge for the second time within three years. 

Going into a game against such a strong team can be extremely nerve-wracking.

“They were ranked #4 in the State and we knew they had a very strong program. We just wanted to be prepared and give full effort to our game plan,” said Head Coach David Brewer.

In preparation for the game, the team practiced on improving their timing, their offensive and defensive plays, and even some of Rockbridge’s previous plays. 

According to the players, there was no stress going into the game. The girls were energized and ready to play their best. “There was no pressure or stress. We knew Rockbridge was talented so we went into the game knowing we had nothing to lose. The team’s energy made it easier to keep our motivation up, though,” said Junior Riley Boggs. 

The feelings throughout the game were mixed. “By the first quarter, we were feeling really good about our lead but we were very nervous to fall behind,” said Boggs. 

With Ozark’s past reputation against Rockbridge, there must have been something special to set this group of girls apart from past teams to set up their amazing win.

“This group of girls played a very good defensive game, along with rebounding well. The defense was so solid throughout the entire game and their team effort was so good. The girls play so well together,” said Coach Brewer. 

Almost any athlete and coach can agree that one of the best feelings is the moments of victory right after a game ends. “Beating a team of that quality always gives a sense of pride in the girls and their performance. We are gaining confidence and this game will hopefully carry into the rest of the season,” said Coach Brewer.

“There wasn’t a moment during the game where I didn’t feel confident in our ability to win. The feeling right after winning is a memory that I think will always stay with me. The feeling for the team overall was so good because it was such a good win for us. I’m really hoping that we carry this momentum into the rest of the games this season,” said Boggs. 

Ozark won the game with a score of 48-38 and hopefully along with the motivation and confidence to continue winning for the rest of the season.