Faces Behind the Fashion at OHS


Faith Grigg, Writer

At Ozark High School students are grateful for the opportunity to express themselves through their clothing without too many restrictions. Each student is unique in their own way and gets to show this in a variety of ways. Many students find that the best way to express themselves is through their clothing.

Junior Lauren Plumpe shows off a trendy and edgy look. (Photo used with permission from Lauren Plumpe)

Junior Lauren Plumpe would describe her style as very trendy, but eclectic. “I like to follow some trends, but I would say I find inspiration from everywhere,” said Plumpe. 

On average, she says it takes her about 10-30 minutes to pick out an outfit, and she puts a lot of thought into it. While Plumpe enjoys keeping up with the trends and latest fashion, others like to keep it more casual. 

Senior Abbey Hammons would now describe her style as preppy and comfortable, but it has also changed throughout the years at the high school.

“My style has changed from western to a more preppy, casual style, but I still enjoy wearing punchy outfits from time to time,” said Hammons. 

Hammons finds her inspiration from different influencers and people from the media, such as Josie Teargarden, and enjoys shopping at a variety of stores and boutiques. One of her favorites being Altar’d State, a store that is a popular choice for many girls.

“My favorite clothing store is Altar’d State because they have the cutest jeans, shirts, and sweaters that just fit my style and are comfortable to wear. I also love the color schemes of the store,” said Hammons.

Senior Abbey Hammons smiles for the camera, in a western, preppy look. (Photo used with permission from Abbey Hammons.)

For Hammons comfort is more important than going all out. Senior Riley Shelton values his comfort as well. In fact, Shelton says his favorite item of clothing is an everyday pair of jeans. 

“They’re the perfect fit for my style and they are comfortable. The color of jeans matches well with a lot of others, making it easy to use in everyday life.”

Many students like Shelton enjoy finding their clothing in thrift stores. He says he enjoys shopping at thrift stores because there are many retro pieces that can be found. 

Gage Hamilton, a junior at OHS would describe his unique style differently. “I just wear what I like. Just things that I enjoy with no rhyme or reason,” said Hamilton.

His grungy style choices play into his personality as well. “Anyone that knows me knows that my erratic and chaotic personality reflects in my style choices,” said Hamilton. 

These students are just a few of hundreds of students at OHS, so it is no surprise that there is such a variety of styles everywhere you look. Some students enjoy following the latest trends, while others find that their style is drastically different from popular fashion choices.