Keeping up With the Latest Trends


Kyah Schumaker, Writer

Something not commonly talked about here at Ozark is our fashion sense, but our students love following the trends and expressing themselves in the way that they dress.

Some kids love having their own unique style, but others try to stay up to date on the latest trends. Although, there are so many current trends that can be styled to match each individual’s personality. Senior Ashlei Coonrod loves beanies and athletic wear while Junior Maggie Kensinger enjoys wearing fun pants and Jordans.

“I like following trends to an extent, but I like to adapt trends to fit my personality, that way I can sort of make them into my own,” said Kensinger.

Some of the biggest trends include shoes like Jordans, Lululemon leggings, mom jeans, and flannels.

“Some of my favorite trends right now would definitely be the retro type fashion. I also love that animal prints are coming back, especially zebra print. It’s just really fun and different. Chunky retro shoes are also a top favorite for me,” said Junior Karis Mansker.

Junior Karis Mansker models one of her favorite outfits on her Instagram.

When it comes to where the girls get their inspiration, most of it comes from social media sites like Instagram, VSCO, and almost all mentioned Pinterest.

“I get a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest. It has every type of style so it’s fun to make it your own,” said Mansker.

When asked where her favorite places were to shop, Kensinger said, “I love Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, Dillards, Lululemon, Abercrombie, Fitch, and local boutiques.”

There are many boutiques in Ozark and surrounding areas like Clothe Boutique, Mark Ashton, Olive and Ivy, and many more. For the OHS students, this is where they go to find the latest trends and stay up to date with fashion.

“I think following trends is fun and truly that’s how I come up with a lot of outfits. Although it is fun to be able to go out of the box and maybe make a trend that is more of your own,” said Mansker.

Trends aren’t just about following what everyone else is doing, but about putting your own creative spin on popular fashion ideas, or even making your own trend!