Archery Team Goes to Tournament


Skylar Hembree

The archery team after their tournament at Billings High School.

Hailey Hesher, Writer

Many students enjoyed their three-day weekend over the Martin Luther King Junior holiday with lots of sleeping in and relaxing, but not the Ozark High School Archery team. The archery team was up ready to go to their tournament at Billings High School on Saturday morning. Members of the archery team got the opportunity to show off their well-practiced shooting skills against other schools’ archery teams.

Some may hear the word tournament and think of stress or exhaustion, but many members expressed the lack of tension or stress they experienced.

“The overall environment was very relaxed, it was laid back and quiet while shooting,” said Sophomore James Daniel.

“It was very relaxing and welcoming at the tournament. You were up against other schools but you were still encouraging each other,” said Junior Rebecca Morris.

Of course, the shooters came into the tournament with specific goals in mind.

“My major goal was to place in the top three, maybe top four, however that is a very challenging goal to achieve seeing as there are very good shooters there,” said Daniel.

Many shooters were able to achieve their goals and make memories that will be savored for a lifetime. “I personally really enjoyed getting the overall experience. I got to see and feel what it would be like to compete in a bigger tournament such as state,” said Morris.

The majority of archery team members can agree that it is a great experience that students should try out. “I would recommend the archery team to many! It is a perfect team to join if you are interested in sports, or simply just enjoy archery as a hobby,” said Morris.

“This is not like a sport with a lot of pressure staying on you, it’s easy-going and there’s not much to it. You just have to show up and enjoy yourself,” said Daniel.