Preparing for the Future Through DECA


Photo used with permission by Calla Yearta-Sothern

Calla Yearta-Sothern with DECA sponsors Mr. Matt Fevold and Mr. Grant Jenkins holding up the DECA Diamond.

Katie Wells, Writer

DECA, founded in 1946, is a club dedicated to preparing emerging young leaders to become entrepreneurs in careers of marketing, finance, and hospitality.

Calla Yearta-Sothern is a junior and President of the DECA club. “Being in DECA has not only helped me expand my marketing knowledge but helped me build my confidence in thinking on my toes and presenting my thoughts to others,” said Yearta-Sothern.

Due to COVID-19 regulations this year, the club has taken a whole new approach to how students will compete and even how the club is being organized, but this junior officer has stepped up to the challenge.

“Everything looks a little different these days, and being a DECA officer is no exception. Most years we would have had several meetings and social events by now, but this year with all the regulations regarding gatherings, we have had to adapt the way we promote, organize and communicate throughout the club. While it has been a bit difficult at times, at the end of the day I am just incredibly grateful we are still able to compete this year,” said Yearta-Sothern

As this club mostly pertains to students who are interested in a business career, being involved can help students interested in this career path in a variety of ways.

“DECA is a competition-based business club with events in marketing, finance, management, and hospitality and tourism. The majority of these events consist of a multiple-choice test and at least one role play. While DECA is an obvious choice for those who have an interest in business, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their creativity, confidence in speaking to others, and ability to think on their toes,” said Yearta-Sothern.

So, as students begin thinking about their schedule for the school year of 2021-2022, Yearta-Sothern recommends stepping out of their comfort zone and giving DECA a try. “This is my second year doing DECA. I joined last year after adding marketing to my schedule on a whim, and I can confidently say it is one of the best decisions I have made in high school,” said Yearta-Sothern.