Varsity Basketball Teams Compete in Midseason Tournaments


Amy Surface

Junior Riley Boggs and Moriah Putt work together to block the ball from their opponent in one of their first games in the season.

Kenzie Denney, Writer

While most students were spending their Christmas break spreading holiday cheer and celebrating with family, the Ozark High School Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball Teams spent their time competing at one of their biggest tournaments of the season.

On December 28, both varsity teams participated in their first game; the boys played against Marshfield in their Blue and Gold tournament and the girls played against Bolivar during their Pink and White tournament. Weeks before the competition, the teams prepared by studying videos of previous games and scheduling extra practices.

“The thing I did as an individual to prepare for the Blue and Gold was to watch film and scout out our opponent as in the style of game they play. As a team, we had morning practices the day of games and walked through everything our opponents did,” said Senior Cannon Cox.

The last games of the competition were on December 31. But even though the teams lost their final matches, they know they gave it their best effort.

“I would not change anything about the way we played because as a team, we learned a lot of things from the games we played. We would not be the team we are now without those moments,” said Senior Jacob Wofford.

The Varsity Girls team lost three seniors due to graduation last year. This year, there is only one senior on the team, but that didn’t stop their determination to shoot for first place.

“Last year, we made it a little further but, we also lost three seniors who started varsity. I felt we held our own during the tournament and played hard,” said Junior Riley Boggs.

Although both teams had their fair shares of victories and defeats, the Blue and Gold and Pink and White tournaments have ultimately prepared the teams for the next part of their season.

“I think our losses and wins set us up perfectly by giving us something to strive towards. Since the tournament, we have improved on several aspects of our game and overall have become better,” said Junior Moriah Putt.