Snow Week Fun


Juniors Abby Ford and Madison Morgan pose for a picture after sledding.

What first came as an early release due to some ice quickly became two full weeks of ice and snow days. But the slick conditions didn’t stop the students from enjoying the days, because as the snow came down students used their free time for some snow-filled fun. Many students broke out the sleds like Juniors Abby Ford and Madison Morgan.

“We even made snow ramps at the bottom of the hill. My favorite part of the day was just having fun and laughing with my friends, especially when Madison and I wiped out and someone got a drone video of the whole thing,” said Ford.

While sledding was fun Madison Morgan also loved the time out of the snow just as much. “I would say that my favorite part was being able to stay home and binge-watch movies,” said Morgan.

Senior Dillon Holesapple spent one of his snow days with his friends. “My friends and I found a really big hill in a field and got all of our sleds lined up then raced each other to the bottom,” said Holesapple.

Sophomore Jadyn Dalton also went sledding and spent her snow day with her family. 

“We went to our back yard and made paths. My dad pulled me by the hood on the sled and we ended up going really fast,” said Dalton.

Other kids, like senior Dylan Fritz, decided to use the day off in a different way.

“I went on a six-mile run at a seven-minute mile pace. I went on the run because track season is just around the corner and I’m getting as ready as I can for it. Although I tripped a few times I managed to stay on my feet,” said Fritz.

Between online schooling and fun snow day activities, the rare two-week break was far from boring.