E-Sports is Bringing Gaming to a New Level


Alexia Zitzke

Sophomore Hayden Thomas and Freshman Derek Gnagy cheer on Sophomore Nathan Heiser during an E-Sports competition.

Skylar Hembree, Writer

Electronic Sports or E-Sports have grown very popular over the years. Recently, an E-Sports club has been created for students to participate in at Ozark High School. The club consists of 4 different games for students to compete in against others. The games are League of Legends, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros, and Rocket League. 

The club meets every Tuesday and Thursday after school from 3-5 for practice. Each game that students participate in has an advisor or coach that helps teach them how to play, strategies to win, and most importantly, they play the game with the students. With a total of over 70 students that come to the club each week, E-Sports has become more competitive. 

“The great thing about E-Sports is that it provides another outlet for students to become involved in extracurricular activities,” said advisor Mr. Ryan Edwards. Each game has teams that compete locally and nationally. Scholarships are starting to be given for students that compete well at competitions. Senior Seth Scoggins is one student that is getting a scholarship to play League of Legends for college in the fall. 

One of the most popular E-Sports games, League of Legends, is an online multiplayer battle arena game. Mr. Matthew Fox, one of the advisors for the League of Legends team, has been playing the game since college. “With my past knowledge of the game, helping kids become better at the game and compete is a great experience,” said Mr. Fox. Students work with strategy and skill to perfect their craft.

“I really like Overwatch due to my familiarity with it and the team-based aspect of the game,” said Junior Kohei Anderson. Overwatch is a team-based first-person shooter multiplayer game with the goal to control a location or take a location from the other team. As students become more acquainted with Overwatch, the more they learn about the game itself. This past fall their varsity team made it to the playoffs.

Super Smash Bros is a combat crossover game with popular characters from multiple video games by Nintendo. “This game is born out of love and you only get satisfaction from playing,” said Senior Ganon Mabrey. Smash Bros students not only participate in tournaments against other schools but also within the club itself. This is a great way for students to build comradery and still get the satisfaction of playing something that they love. 

Rocket League is a team car-soccer game with power-ups and upgrades. “Rocket League keened my eye due to it being easy to learn yet hard to perfect. The sense of achievement that you get when winning a game is the main reason I come back to it,” said Sophomore Owen Corp. The willingness of teammates to perfect the game led the team to win multiple competitions during their season this year. 

“E-Sports is not a club for people to just play games, but a club to represent your school in a way you wouldn’t think possible. It’s a way to make more friends, another avenue to potentially help with college, and most importantly a place where any student can just be themselves,” said Mr. Jeramie Price.