Making a Mark


Photo used with permission by Emily McCulloch

Junior Chuck Meyers holds a tray of food as he prepares to go deliver it to another happy customer.

Katie Wells, Writer

High school is a time of growth as students are discovering who they are and making new friends. Students have the opportunity to join clubs and participate in sports, and for some, it can be a time to get their first jobs. At OHS, several students make a difference in the community by working at a variety of organizations.

Chuck Meyers is a hardworking junior who says, “my pleasure,” more than most high school students as he is a server at Chick-Fil-A. With this restaurant, COVID-19 changes required all food to be delivered outside of the building. However, the staff created an excellent system to meet their customer’s needs.

“I like meeting all of the different people that come through the line. It is my favorite part of the day,” said Meyers
Meyers feels that Chick-Fil-A is not only providing delicious food but is also changing people’s lives.

“I remember one time a newly-wed came to Chick-Fil-A for the first time and I got to help them. But they soon realized that they forgot their wallets and I was able to bless them by paying for their food. It made me feel happy because I was able to make someone’s day,” said Meyers.

This junior is a good example of someone who works hard at his job and uses his influence to help others: a rare characteristic.
Senior Hannah Hall is pursuing a career in the theater as the set-building foreman at Springfield Little Theater.

“Theater is a world that you have to work up in and pay your dues through experience. This job has allowed me to learn firsthand so much about sets and the way that they work in plays. With this job my goal is to eventually direct stage plays and musicals,” said Hall.
In the same way that teachers help to mentor students academically, Hall says that having people who will help you grow at your job is important.

“I have had a couple of mentors that taught me so much. With their wisdom I had doubled my capabilities within the first few weeks at work,” said Hall.

Life lessons can be learned from any environment. “I have learned a lot about what good leadership looks like at my job and have tried to apply it to my own life. Also, by having a job I have had to become more responsible with my money which is a lesson that can affect me twenty-years from now,” said Meyers.

As Hannah Hall is a woman in the workforce, she has experienced firsthand how her gender can affect the atmosphere in which one works in.

“I have learned these last couple of months that it is really hard to work in construction as a woman. Not everyone will give you the same respect that you give them so I have had to stand up for myself,” said Hall.
These two students are just a small representation of the plethora of teenagers at Ozark High School who are learning by working in the real world.