Shea Fuller Captures JROTC Memories


Photo used with permission from Shea Fuller

Senior Shea Fuller pursues her passion for photography by taking photos at a JROTC event.

Ashlyn Dewitt, Writer

This year has been extremely successful for the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. Between the rifle, raider, and drill teams, students within the JROTC program have demonstrated their sharp skills in all competitions.

One of the most important jobs within the JROTC program is capturing and publicizing the battalion’s accomplishments. Senior and S5 Primary Shea Fuller, alongside a team of fellow S5 members, does just that.

Fuller joined JROTC her sophomore year and got accepted into the Staff and Command only a year later as a junior. As S5 Primary, Fuller is constantly tackling tasks and aiding in her team’s success. Along with capturing photos for the battalion, Fuller and the S5 section are responsible for keeping up with all of JROTC’s social media. They put together posts to upload on social media sites to exhibit events and competitions the special teams attend to family members, friends, and classmates.

“There is at least one designated photographer for each of the three special teams within JROTC. The designated photographer travels with the team and takes photos. After the competition is completed, we create a press release. Within 48 hours, the S5 section not only creates and sends out a descriptive press release to essential public affairs personnel, but we also create a social media post for all of our social media platforms,” said Fuller.

As you can see, this is not an easy job. Luckily, Fuller has a team of devoted JROTC members helping her every step of the way.

“There are many layers of work below the surface that many people do not see. Although I face many challenges, I do not face these challenges alone. I can count on my S5 secondaries, Meredith Hatley, Remi Watson, and Sydney Broussard. I have been truly blessed with an amazing section of three incredibly talented young ladies! These young ladies have provided me with an abundant amount of admiration for leadership. I am humbled that they trusted me enough to lead them through various challenges this year. They have truly proven to me time and time again that we can achieve anything with a lot of hard work and communication. I feel honored to wear the primary ranks of such a phenomenal section,” said Fuller.

In addition to contributing as an active leader, Fuller is also a member of the rifle team. Fuller shows her dedication to the team by attending morning practices, traveling for competitions, and supporting her teammates, all while maintaining a positive attitude.

“I have dedicated numerous weekends to the JROTC program, not only as a photographer but also as a rifle team member. I have experienced many early mornings and late nights because of my responsibility as an S5 and my commitment to the rifle team, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” said Fuller.

Without the S5 section, the battalion’s success would not get the recognition it deserves. Fuller and her team put in hours of work to capture accomplishments and important moments for the JROTC program. They help spread the word of the achievements within the JROTC program and let their successes be known.