Finalizing the High School Years


Alexia Zitzke

Senior Kaitlyn Marmouget flies during a cheer at the Ozark vs. Carthage varsity football game.

Alexis Goss, Writer

With the next school year starting, our new seniors are adjusting to being the new idols at the school. Taking on many new responsibilities and opportunities.

Senior Kaitlyn Marmouget is a hardworking student, athlete, and employee. Marmouget takes on a very busy schedule as she has to juggle school, work, and her fourth year as a varsity athlete.

“I manage school, cheer, and my job by only working on the weekends. That leaves me with having practice 3 times a week, and completing my homework on the other two days, and sometimes after cheer. I also have reset days every Wednesday, where I clean my room and complete all of my homework/online assignments due for the week,” said Marmouget. 

School and extracurricular activities can tend to build up and become very stressful throughout the year. One of the most helpful tips that Marmouget has received is that mental health always comes first.

“When I get overwhelmed and stressed about assignments or cheer, I take a step back and look at it from a different point of view. I remind myself that I’m in control, and that if I need to take a break then I am fully capable of doing so,” said Marmouget. 

Through her high school career Marmouget has left her mark on Ozark High School.

“The last few years I have won two state championships, was awarded academic all state, and inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame,” said Marmouget. 

As far as Senior year goes, Marmouget is looking forward to the end of the year.

“The end of the year is when all the stress of applying to schools is gone and all I need to worry about is graduating,” said Marmouget.

She is also looking forward to advancing her athletic career to the collegiate level after graduation. 

Though the year may present some downfalls, especially when it comes to figuring out what colleges to apply to, school has taught Marmouget more than what meets the eye.

“School has shaped me into the person I am today by giving me time management skills and responsibility. During Covid, online classes were offered and I took the chance of taking them, because of that chance, I gained time management by needing to complete assignments by a certain time. I sat down, planned out my day, and got my assignments turned in (mostly) on time. With that, I also gained responsibility,” said Marmouget.

Through her in-school and online classes, she was able to learn more about life skills in a transparent type of way. 

Marmouget is prepared to move onto the next journey of her life. Though high school may be coming to an abrupt stop, she is only progressing to the next stage of her life.