New Year, New Advisor, New Adventures


Delaney Cardin, Writer

Not all teachers are capable of taking on and running a school club. Working hours after school as well as keeping up with students in their everyday classes can be a lot, but Shelby Bunn is up to the challenge.

After the previous National Honor Society advisor retired from the position, Bunn accepted the offer to fill in the spot. Although she wasn’t certain about the role she would be playing as an advisor, leadership roles such as being in NHS herself as a student and teaching for the last seven years have prepared her for this new adventure.

“It [NHS] focuses on student-led community service and academic achievement,” said Bunn.

There are many benefits for the students that participate in NHS such as scholarships for seniors and a blue stole for the students to wear at graduation.

“I believe that NHS is a great way to stand out on scholarships and college applications,” said Bunn.

When asked how she wants students to partake in services and goals this year, Bunn’s response gives us a look at what she would like to see members taking more action in. “Since it is my first year, I’m excited to see how they help the community. I would love to see service hours helping our elderly and schools.”

When Bunn isn’t working on NHS tasks, she is focusing on her classroom in the school. Going in to her fourth year of teaching at the Ozark district, she is currently teaching Chemistry I along with AP Chemistry. “In the past, I taught Physical Science and AP Physics,” said Bunn.  

But Bunn’s responsibilities and fun don’t end with the school day. With a new baby at home, Bunn stays very busy, but always makes time for the activities she loves. “I love cooking, baking, gardening, learning a new language (currently Korean), and playing games on my phone/computer.”

With new guidance coming from Bunn this year and fewer complications due to covid, more and more students will have the chance to make big impacts on our community and throughout the school system through NHS.