Grant Guse Takes Charge as Senior Class President


Haven Haymes

Senior class president Grant Guse smiles on the rest of his senior year.

Haven Haymes

Every group of people needs a strong leader who is willing to work hard and get things done.

The 2021-2022 senior class president Grant Guse is a prime example of that. Guse has been a student at Ozark for 13 years and attended East Elementary in his primary years. Guse ran for this position and was excited to announce that he won the class over with votes and was selected in May as president.

Along with being president, Guse is very involved in numerous clubs at school. He is involved in Future Business Leaders of America, DECA, Student Council, and Science Olympiad. When he’s not participating in a plethora of clubs, you might find him on the field for Friday night lights. Guse’s plans after high school are to attend a four-year university but he is still undecided on which one

A senior class president requires a lot of leadership. When Guse was asked why he ran, he said “I ran because I have a knack for leadership. I felt the position needed to be filled.” 

Some jobs of the class president are planning and attending senior activities, accommodating issues in the class, and promoting ideas to the graduating class.

Since he is taking over such a lead role for the senior class of 2022, we asked Guse what skills he would gain from this opportunity. The first thing he said would be to organize more efficiently. This means when events are being planned they have a structure such as a scheduled time and place. This component is very important especially for someone in this position planning numerous events.

 Guse has started coming up with class ideas and is attempting to make a men’s volleyball team. It would be a few days long and students could play multiple games a day with a fee to play. Guse says he would like all fees for the volleyball games to be added up and donated to a charity of choice.

Guse has taken great responsibility for this position and he has many plans for this school year along with representing the class of 2022.