Students Get Ahead in the Business World through GOCAPS


Ethan Whatley and Lily Kruse work together to examine the parts of the brain.

Kaylie Klein, Writer

Many career paths require all sorts of different skills and while school can help prepare students for their adult life, nothing can truly compare to hands-on experience. GOCAPS is a program students can participate in to dive into the real world.

I wanted to be in GOCAPS so that I am able to determine what I would like my career to be. GOCAPS is a great opportunity to be able to connect and job shadow different careers,” said Junior Ashlie Mayes. “I am ready to be a part of this experience…I have been working really hard to branch out and make more connections with different people.”

“I would describe the GOCAPS program as an advanced study of the business world,” said Senior Daniel Svistun. GOCAPS has three different branches that students can choose from medical, engineering, and industrial technology. Whether students want to be a heart surgeon or an engineer, the professional practice gained can help in every field.

 “As for the Manufacturing/Engineering strand of GO CAPS, we go on different factory/ warehouse tours to SRC, SMC, and many more,” said Svistun. GOCAPS not only enriches the minds of its participants but has many other career-based benefits. “Through GO CAPS you can get an internship, a job, and even a career,” said Svistun.

“GOCAPS is helping me with my communication skills. It is important for me to communicate well because I need to network with businesses,” said Senior Ian Ulrich.

Through practice and hard work, GOCAPS students are receiving valuable life lessons. “I want to take away great public speaking skills. You present many different projects and are constantly talking to many people,” said Mayes.

“You tremendously build your network and find a job through your job shadow connections,” said Ulrich. Not only are students learning, but they are also given the chance to seize real career opportunities. 

Even with the year still at its fresh start, GOCAPS isn’t slowing down and keeps its students moving towards their goals. 

“My experience at GOCAPS has been outstanding. I have met so many people that are interested in the same things I am. The environment is very inviting,” said Mayes.